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Yin Yoga

Vivian Choi yoga oslo.jpeg

20.00 - 21.15

Vivian Choi

This course has its foundation in the practice of Yin Yoga, a calming, grounding practice that uses long holds and conscious breath in either seated or reclined poses. Different techniques are woven into the classes in order to deepen the experience of working with your breath and energy to clear the internal pathways of mind and body. They include pranayama, qigong, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and sound healing. Together, they provide a practice that gives a feeling of release and deep relaxation, while bringing you home to yourself.

This course will take you through targeting the entire body. Focus areas (by week) will be: 1. the shoulders, upper back and neck, (The Heart) 2. the hips and legs, (The Sacral), 3. the joints (The Juice) and 4. the spine (The Tree). You will learn how to use the breath to create space in the body and take home techniques that you can use whenever you need them.

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About Vivian Choi

With over 1200 hrs of education and almost 10 years of teaching experience, she has never lost her eyes of wonder when it comes to the practice. Come to her classes to embody joy and curiosity, open the heart, connect to Earth and have the time to breathe through it all.

Vivian Choi yoga oslo.jpeg
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