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Sacred Flow

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10.30 - 11.45

Have you ever felt called to connect to your Womb’s wisdom but not known where to start?

I have been on a journey of discovery in trying to understand the Feminine and what that means. This practice was created not through the reading of books but through my own intuitive direct experience. Ultimately, the Feminine is pure intuition and listening. It is the truthful darkness within, juicy with creativity and expression, waiting to be birthed into being. We just need to slow down enough to hear Her.

Sacred Flow is made up of many things. It has flow yoga as its foundation; the flavour of shamanism runs all the way through it with a strong connection to Mother Earth; tribal beats form the foundation for intuitive movement, breathwork (not pranayama as yogis know it), embodiment, ceremony, journeying and dance. It is slow, it is deep, it is spiritual, as we seek to connect to our own inner knowing. Sacred Flow cultivates a state of listening because the answer is already in you.

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About Vivian Choi

With over 1200 hrs of education and almost 10 years of teaching experience, she has never lost her eyes of wonder when it comes to the practice. Come to her classes to embody joy and curiosity, open the heart, connect to Earth and have the time to breathe through it all.

Vivian Choi yoga oslo.jpeg
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