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Pregnancy Yoga + Postpartum Prep

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19.00 - 20.15

Claudia Menger & Kelsi Ludvigsen

This course is for you if you are looking to move your body in nourishing, safe ways, to prepare for birth through breath, movement, rest and visualization, AND to prepare for postpartum. 


In the yoga part of this course with Claudia, we practice nourishing yoga poses and flows, we meditate and visualize, we learn different breathing practices and positions to support you during pregnancy and help you prepare for your labor and birth. Together we will explore your wishes and desires for this major transition through the portal of motherhood, and we will tap into the beautiful practice of deep rest. The practice is gentle, and suited for all pregnant bodies.


Classes with Kelsi will be a mix of slow, intentional facial movement and then weaving in the magic of postpartum planning. We will cover the postpartum nervous system, the hormones that come into play, the physiological body changes, coping skills, and how to prepare for your 4th trimester with ease and nourishment. 


In this circle of mamas and belonging we will practice 

  • Yoga positions and flows with a special focus on the body parts that need it most during pregnancy and in preparation for birth

  • Breathing techniques for pregnancy and birth

  • Meditation, visualization and affirmations

  • Deep rest through Yoga Nidra

  • Baby bonding

  • Preparing for postpartum (September 19th).

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"I feel nourished. Inspired. And empowered for my next postpartum. Learning about the huge hormonal and emotional shifts in the female body after birth will stay with me forever. This next postpartum will look completely different because I took action, and I now know the importance of postpartum recovery." -Andrea
"I feel calmer, happier and much more confident than the first time. I enjoy most of the days and rarely feel lonely! Of course I have bad moments and days, but I have the tools to handle them now. This time I love to be on maternity leave, and I feel that time flies way too fast. Your work has been the best way to prepare for my postpartum - and I’m so grateful for that! Thank you." -Silje 
“Coming to Claudia’s prenatal yoga was one of the best things I could do through my pregnancy. She is a lovely teacher with knowledge and the warmest calmest energy about her. She makes you feel seen and it is possible to ask her questions any time. Her classes truly prepared my body and mind for birth - in the best way possible.” - Hanne
“Going to Claudia’s pregnancy yoga classes was the absolute best thing I did for myself - and baby - as pregnant. Being able to gently move my body, learning how to adjust movement to the growing belly and various bodily aches, to be seen, valued and held, and being allowed to just rest was magical. All in the most safe, warm and caring heart space, accompanied by Claudia’s beautifully soothing and comfortable voice. The classes really deepened my connection with the baby and prepared me for birth and motherhood in a way that nothing else has. I would love for every mother-to-be to have the same experience.”- Julie

About Claudia & Kelsi

Claudia is a therapeutic yoga teacher specializing in yoga for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum, and yoga nidra. Kelsi is a postpartum educator and yoga teacher who has specialized in vinyasa, yin, restorative and yoga nidra.

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