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Vinyasa On The Beat

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18.30 - 19.45

This course is designed for those who love to move and flow to music: a merging of yoga and dance, containing elements of martial arts, yoga and ballet. Taught like a dance class, this form of yoga demands the power of presence at the same time as giving the practitioner a feeling of uncontainable joy. It takes a constant focus to align breath, movement and music as one, but the music helps us flow through challenging sequences without feeling the difficulty, only the fun! It is a great perspective shifter when it comes to believing what you are capable of. You will learn how to move gracefully through new transitions, strengthen the entire body and change the way you move forever.

Designed for Inside Flow lovers or people who have no experience of Inside Flow.

We spend the first 3 weeks getting to know the transitions and cues of a particular sequence. You will also learn what it feels like to breathe and flow to the beat of the music. The last class of this course is then taught as an Inside Flow class where all the prep from the previous weeks will come into play and you will very quickly feel a sense of mastery as we flow to the song that the sequence was choreographed for and everything falls into place.

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“Vivian er en inspirerende yogainstruktør. Hun forklarer, viser og setter yogaøvelsene inn i en større og meningsfull sammenheng. Det er flyt i timene. Vivians energi, humor og glede over å gjøre yoga smitter over på oss som er med på timene.”


- Hanne Marie 

“Jeg var ikke spesielt fascinert av yoga før jeg deltok på Vivians klasse, men det er jeg nå! Vivians kunnskap, vennlige tilstedeværelse og dedikasjon gjorde at jeg slappet av og lot være å prestere. Jeg følte at jeg ble en del av det, bevegelsene, flow’en. Og jeg elsket musikk, risting og tekstene som ble lest opp. Magisk”

- Julie

“….the instructors Viggo and Vivian quickly put my fears to rest. Their professionalism and expertise were evident in every session. They were not only knowledgeable but also incredibly patient and attentive to the needs of each participant. They fostered an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of their experience level, felt valued and supported. Very quickly, I found myself participating, asking questions, and voicing my opinion. I particularly want to mention #VivianChoi, who made me realize that yoga is for me. It’s something I can enjoy and that gives me energy.”


- Lumi 

About Vivian Choi

With over 1200 hrs of education and almost 10 years of teaching experience, she has never lost her eyes of wonder when it comes to the practice. Come to her classes to embody joy and curiosity, open the heart, connect to Earth and have the time to breathe through it all.

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